Apply for Conservation Finance Alliance Incubator

Apply for Conservation Finance Alliance Incubator



Are you a conservation finance entrepreneur? Do you have an idea that can leverage the power of finance for conservation? If yes, then you can apply for Conservation Finance Alliance Incubator.

The Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) Incubator seeks to identify, support and promote innovative ideas and solutions to conservation finance challenges that have significant positive conservation impacts. Innovation is essential to identify and develop conservation finance solutions and is especially urgent given the emerging Global Biodiversity Framework and 30x30 ambitions.

This round of virtual incubation will identify and support five concurrent projects for 9 months. Support will be in the form of small grants and mentorship by CFA members.

The Incubator will support a wide range of innovation in conservation finance, including conservation finance ventures that can generate a financial return and conservation finance concepts that lead to policy, regulatory, or non-profit finance solutions. All projects that enter the Incubator must be innovative and show clear potential for conservation impact to be considered for acceptance. Concepts can be from any sector (public, private, etc.) and can include ideas generated directly by CFA members, partner organizations, and independent organizations and entrepreneurs.


Conservation Finance Ventures and Concepts
Innovative solutions to conservation challenges
Create clear conservation outcomes or sustained conservation financing
May return a profit – either as an independent company or as a financial product
Use finance and economic tools


Funding Information

The size of the grant will be 20,000 USD.

Geographic Focus

The CFA is focused on high biodiversity areas, specifically the global south. They would love to see great concepts from Africa, but proposals are not restricted to any specific geographical region.

How To Apply

Application Deadline:  1st December 2021.

Donor Name: Conservation Finance Alliance

HOW TO APPLY: Visit to apply.